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Free Roll Ups!

Check this out…

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Visit Gidget’s Blog for a fun giveaway!

I eneterd a drawing at Gidget’s blog for a “First Spanish Word’s” Book giveaway! I ran across her site while browsing the web today! =)

What a fun giveaway!

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I’m crossing my fingers.

I ran across This Article,  while browsing a handful of blogs. I was one of those folks who felt a pang of sadness when Wal-Mart stopped their layaway program. I thought was great for those early shopping Christmas gift ideas. I’ll cross my fingers and hope maybe it’ll make a come back!

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I stared at the billing statement like I had been sent a free visit to jail. I couldn’t believe that my small little home could actually aquire that much in utility bills. So, I began seeking advice from others on saving and cutting back on utilities. Here’s a few tips that worked for me:

1)Turn your A/C Unit off when you head out the door to work.

2)During the colder months, turning your thermostat down to liveable degrees. Keep extra blankets available at night instead of the bumping the thermostat up.

3)Use your dishwasher liberally. Try to hand wash a majority of your dishes. Splurge on the large dinnerparties only!

4)Wash your clothes in cold water! You’ll still get the same results! Here’s some more information on that subject:

After applying these tips to my utility habits I saved $30.00 dollars on my next bill. I’m going to push myself to be even more frugal this month, and see how much more I can save.

Do you have frugal saving tips to share? Have your own blog? Let me know, and let’s exchange links! E-mail me at


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Girl Meets The City!

Hi! My name is Heather…one of those young people trying to surivie on her own, and learning to live frugally. The past couple of weeks has sent me researching anything that I can on saving money on utilites, groceries, and just overall living expenses. Join me as I blog my journey to financial freedom (my goal is to be debt free!) and to enjoy living simply, yet elegantly. I’m confident there is such thing…many others have done it…why can’t I? 🙂 For questions, you can e-mail me at